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26 & 27 October2024
Jayamahal Palace
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About The Big Feed

Prepare for a culinary adventure like never before at The Big Feed, Bengaluru's vibrant celebration of local brands but global flavors! From finger-lickin' biriyani to lip smackin’ pizza, embark on a gastronomic journey bursting with excitement and delights. This foodie extravaganza features sizzling street food, mouth-watering regional cuisines, continental delights, and heavenly desserts.

But The Big Feed isn't just about what's on your plate – it's a feast for the senses! With a stellar lineup of pubs and breweries serving signature cocktails, and the rich aroma of freshly brewed filter coffee filling the air, the excitement is at its peak. This two-day fiesta by DNA Networks in the heart of the city offers more than just food – it's a celebration with rising stars, chart-topping artists, and a vibrant atmosphere that resonates with families, friends, and festive souls!

Culinary Bliss Unleashed

Dive into our delectable lineup of culinary delights!

Turn Up The Volume

Our artist lineup is set to strike the perfect chords!

The Big Feed Chronicles: Savor the Latest Bites and Beats